Trauma Nursing Orientation and Education

By Holly Ainsworth posted 08-20-2019 18:40

I am looking for any recommendations of process or product to incorporate into a trauma nursing education program. I work at a facility that just became a level II trauma center and have been tasked with developing and implementing an education program for our nurses. I am looking at a tiered approach, requiring advancement criteria between stages. I have done some research and have the basic framework. I was wondering if anyone has done something similar or what other facilities have done. If anyone has experience doing this in a military facility please share your experience, thank you. 



01-07-2020 12:39

​Holly did you receive any recommendations regarding your request on trauma nursing orientation/education?

I am interested in this information as well.

08-21-2019 13:04

​Hi Holly,

Congratulations on your new Trauma Center. I did email you our process. It would not allow me to upload here.