Rapid Head CT Policy for the ED

By Alexandra Evans posted 04-30-2020 08:44

Hello all, 

I am looking for a specific policy surrounding a Rapid Head CT for trauma patients in the ED?  Similar to Stroke Alerts?  Thank you in advance!
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08-13-2020 19:23

Alex, we just instituted a "Head First" CT protocol.  We were activating geriatric falls that met certain criteria. The actual NTDB injury inclusion rate was <3%.  So we stopped activating them in exchange for a triage protocol. All geriatric falls within the previous 24hrs, with head strike, and on any antiplatelet or anticoagulant receive non con head and c-spine CT with 30 minutes of arrival. We just started this August first, so data is pending, but it is already demonstrating a decrease in our over triage and door to CT time for head strikes which an internal benchmark for our program.